Generic Update

Please Check Out the NEW CHAPTERS of TMAAW.

In shocking news, I’m still writing.

Obsessively, in fact.

I’ve actually finished one short novel. Uh, 180 pages or so is considered small right? As a reader, 180 pages seems really short to me at least.

You will notice it’s not up on this website. WHY? Writer-shyness. I don’t know why, but when I finished it I couldn’t bare to just let anyone read it. It’s sitting on my sister’s computer for her to read. Once I hear back from here, then I’ll decide whether to post it here.

Let’s hope she actually reads it.

Anyway, writing is definitely a psychological battle. Now that I’ve actually finished a story I’m straining to finish another. There’s something marvelous about completing a work, about knowing you can at least do it. Without the satisfaction of “done”, writing can be a bit of a chore, as it seems like you’re caught in a never ending loop.

I now know why people write in those monthly short-story challenges.

Lately I’ve been exclusively listening to an album called “Fairewell to Midnight“. I liked it so much I bought it. Before that I was listening to “Unleashed“. I haven’t bought that one yet, I probably should.

Why is all my music so angry sounding?

Notice nothing I write is angry.




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